Sarn Helen Enthronement

Our Inspector General recently attended a first class Enthronement Ceremony at Sarn Helen Chapter, 926 on Tuesday 18th June
E&P Bro Nicholas Sawyer Enthroned his successor, E&P Bro David Parry with dignity and sincerity.
This meeting also marked the retirement of E&P Bro D Nigel Adams after 26 years of service as Chapter Director of Ceremonies, we are assured that he will keep a watchful eye on his successor, Ill Bro David Jones 30*
Pictured left to rightPrelate, E&P Bro Aled W Lewis 18*Enthroning Sovereign, E&P Bro Nicholas Sawyer 18*MWS, E&P Bro David Wynford Parry 18*V.Ill Bro John Everett 33* Inspector General for the District of DyfedIll Bro D Nigel Adams 32* Retiring Director of CeremoniesIll Bro Michael Swann 31* District Recorder for the District of Dyfed.