Sarn Helen Enthronement 2021

On Friday 16th July Sarn Helen Chapter No.926 held their first physical meeting since 3rd December 2019.  E. & P. Bro David W. Parry 18° Enthroned his successor, E. & P. Bro Adrian Thomas 18°, with dignity and sincerity.

At this meeting the Inspector General for Dyfed V∴ Ill ∴ Bro. John Everett 33° became a joining member, in order for him to be appointed Prelate to assist the Chapter in its succession planning for the future, all Officers now in progression are E. & P. Brothers which bodes well for the future of the Chapter.

The Enthronement Ceremony was by ‘Dispensation’ due to Corona Virus. The meeting was attended by 26 in total. 

To date we have held 70 weekly zoom meetings since lockdown in March 2020 and the visitors present were invited guests in order to thank them for the support that they have shown during that time.
The dining afterwards was held at the Feathers Royal Hotel in Aberaeron, where we had a most wonderful meal.  


Pictured left to right:

E. & P. Bro Colin Sharp 18°, E. & P. Bro Robert W. Muir 18°, Ill ∴ Bro. John G. Evans JP 31°, E. & P. Bro Revd. Aled W. Lewis 18°, E. & P. Bro David W. Parry 18°, (Enthroning Sovereign), V∴ Ill ∴ Bro. Paul Kelvin-Smith 33° Inspector General for the District of South Wales & Monmouthshire, E. & P. Bro Adrian Thomas 18°, (MWS), V∴ Ill ∴ Bro. John Everett 33° Inspector General for the District of Dyfed, Ill ∴ Bro. T. Iwan B. Jenkins JP 30°, E. & P. Bro Nigel R. Jones 18°, Ill ∴ Bro. D. Nigel Adams 32°, Ill ∴ Bro. Nicholas E. Sawyer 30°, E. & P. Bro Brig Youngs 18°, E. & P. Bro Thomas F. Jones 18°,