Inspector General’s Newsletter.


The Ancient and Accepted Rite under the Supreme Council Thirty Third Degree

April 2021

District of Dyfed – April 2021 Newsletter

My Dear Brothers

Those of us who witnessed the weekend’s sombre funeral of Prince Phillip will surely never forget the most moving, memorable yet strikingly simple ceremony marking the passing of a Consort who devoted his life and very considerable talents to loyal service to his adopted Nation.

Whilst we can be immensely proud that he clearly valued his 69 years as a member of the Navy Lodge, our hearts must go out to our Queen at this sad and difficult time after an amazing 73 years of marriage.

I do hope that you have all been able to enjoy the recent wonderful Spring weather which, together with some social unlocking, surely heralds the beginning of a return to normality after the seemingly interminable period of lockdown and hopefully will lift our spirits as the process continues.

Towards the end of last week, I had a ninety minute Zoom meeting with our Grand Secretary General along with about forty seven other Inspectors General to update us all on Supreme Councils latest thoughts and I’m sure that it won’t surprise you to learn that little has changed.

Very much as expected, it remains Councils policy to be non-proscriptive and so support all Chapters return to normality with the minimum of admin and no pressure in terms of timing other than to ensure that it respects the wishes of the members themselves.

One of Supreme Councils principles that does stand repeating is that in any return, it is essential for all members to do all they can to preserve the dignity and special features of our Christian Order whilst complying with whatever regulations may apply at the time.

For me, one of the reassuring features of the meeting was that the great majority of Inspectors General reported that their districts showed no great enthusiasm for a return before September or even later, which is all very much in line with my reading of the feelings here in Dyfed.

Finally, you will be aware that I continue to encourage all Chapters to convene Zoom meetings to keep in touch with their members and these can be as frequent as you wish and do not have to coincide with regular meeting dates. 

I am always very pleased to attend your meetings if possible as this provides an ideal opportunity to informally update you and answer any queries that you may have which I happen to think is more effective than issuing reams of written notes. 

Please keep happy, healthy and safe and make the most of this glorious sun!

Sincerely and Fraternally