Inspector General’s Newsletter.


The Ancient and Accepted Rite under the Supreme Council Thirty Third Degree

February 2021

February 2021 Newsletter

My Dear Brothers

As we approach a whole year of restrictions and lockdowns, communications between us as freemasons has surely been the mortar that has not only maintained our bonds but will ensure that we recover strongly when permitted but like many good things, there can be too much and it is for that reason that I have delayed the first newsletter of the year after the flurry of bulletins and Zoom meetings around Christmas 2020.

Communications come in many forms but I have been particularly struck by the enthusiastic uptake of Zoom virtual meetings that were largely unknown just a year ago. This has been particularly evident in this third lockdown which seems to suggest that the deeper we get into the pandemic, the more we need and appreciate the technology that enables us to continue to enjoy others company – albeit in a virtual manner.

I am delighted that in the Dyfed Rose Croix Order, we currently have ~80% of our Chapters arranging regular virtual meetings which I highly commend to all Chapters, and I know that by the excellent attendances, that they are enthusiastically enjoyed by many members and visitors alike.

Speaking personally, whilst there may well be little in the way of Chapter business to transact at many of these meetings, I find that both the opportunity to join in prayer together with the light hearted chat to members, to be particularly enjoyable and rewarding , reminding me of what a wonderful Order we are privileged to belong to.

Having said how much Zoom has contributed to our ability to keep in touch, we do need to remember that there are some who do not use IT and I urge you all to think of those who you can bring some cheer to by giving them a ring to at least let them know that they remain as valuable members of our Order.

Wishing you all a speedy vaccination. 

Sincerely an Fraternally