Letter of thanks

Letter of thanks form our Past Sovereign Grand Commander

My Dear Brothers

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago I reported the retirement of our highly respected and much-loved Sovereign Grand Commander, Most Puissant Bro Alan Englefield after thirty years of devotion to our Order and that this District of Dyfed, along with others, made a contribution to a gift marking his highly valued service, most particularly the past nine years that he has led our Order with such distinction.

So, I was delighted this morning to receive the attached letter of thanks from Bro Alan thanking you as the members of our District, for the gift that he was surprised to receive at a recent Rose Croix dinner in London.

I happen to know from those that were present that Alan was genuinely rendered speechless when he realised that the toast was to him for his outstanding service to our Order and had some difficulty in making one of his usual polished responses!!  

In many ways this characterised our Past Sovereign Commander as he genuinely conducted his masonic duties in a humble and gentle manner which won the hearts of all those who were privileged to attend a Higher Degree Meeting in Duke St. when he was in the chair.

Personally, I always found his summing up at the end of the meetings when he outlined the close but distant connections between the Rose Croix and the Knights Templar most informative and enjoyable, particularly for those who were candidates on the day – and it was different every time as it is not part of the formal ceremony but he thought it important to add it to further enlighten the candidates experience of their very special Masonic day in the Grand East.

I am circulating the letter as although it is addressed to myself, it is not I that made the contribution but you the members of our lovely Christian Order and I heartily thank you for enabling the District of Dyfed to be part of the role of honour that made a contribution to the happy and long retirement of a very special and much-loved Freemason who led our Order for nine very happy and fruitful years.

   Sincerely and Fraternally