The Inspector General and District Recorder, Illustrious Bother Mike Swann offer their hearty congratulations to the following Brethren who are due to receive promotion at the Ancient and Accepted Rites higher degrees meeting on October 21st. 2019:-


E & PP Trevor  Byrant            –           St Brides 243

E & PP Steven Evans             –           Landsker 944

E &PP Nick Sawyer                –           Sarn Helen 926


Ill Bro Chris Samuels              –           Ceredigion 453

Ill Bro Iain Sewell                     –           Sarn Helen 926

Both the Inspector General and District Recorder look forward to accompanying the above members and wish to record their sincere thanks and appreciation for the energetic support that each of the above has made to Rose Croix masonry in the District recalling that promotions in the Order are highly prized, respected and reserved for those that continue to support the Order after leaving the chair.

If any qualified member would like to join the party, early application for seats and dining are essential as places are scarce.



Hearty congratulations are extended to Jeff Merrigan of the Rhys ap Griffiths Chapter in Cardigan and Mike Eckley of the Maridunum Chapter Carmarthen, on  receiving their 300at the May 2019 higher degrees meeting in Duke St.

They are pictured here enjoying a little refreshment after a hearty dinner in the gardens of the Royal and Overseas League together with the Inspector General for Dyfed, Very Illustrious Bro John Everett, 330 and Ill Bro Keith Davies 300.

MerriganEckley30 2