Sarn Helen Chapter 16th March 8:30pm.

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Passcode: 722976


Sarn Helen Chapter No.926 

of the Ancient & Accepted Rite of Princes Rose Croix

AGENDA – Tuesday 16th March 2021at 8:30 pm.

1. Most Wise Sovereign E. & P. Bro. David Parry 18° to call the meeting to order.

2.To call on our Prelate E. & P. Bro. Rev. Aled Lewis 18° for opening prayers.

3. Almoner’s Report – Ill ∴ Bro. Dennis Bradnick 30°.

4.To elect a Most Wise Sovereign, one nomination received in the name of the First General – E. & P. Bro. Adrian Thomas 18°.

5.To elect aTreasurer, one nomination received in the name of Ill ∴ Bro. Nicholas Sawyer 30°.

6.To elect anOuter Guard

7.To Appoint Auditorsfor the ensuing year.

8.Re-ballot for a Candidate for Perfection(by show of hands, as previously balloted for on Tuesday 3rdSeptember 2019).  – W. Bro Gareth Edwards.

Proposer: E. & P. Bro. Colin Sharp 18°

Seconder: E. & P. Bro. David Parry 18°

9.To propose as a Joining Member(a past member of the Sarn Helen Chapter) –    E. & P. Bro. Robert Wallace Muir 18°

Proposer: Ill ∴ Bro. David E. Jones 30°. 

Seconder: Ill ∴ Bro. John G. Evans JP 31°.


11.To call on our Prelate E. & P. Bro. Rev. Aled Lewis 18° for closing prayers.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

Ill ∴ Bro. John Glyn Evans JP 31° 


Sarn Helen Chapter