Sir Frederick Alban Rose Croix Chapter

First for Sir Frederick Alban Chapter!

The Sir Frederick Alban higher degrees Chapter was consecrated before the S Wales & Mon District and the current Dyfed districts separated in 1983 and, despite being consecrated in Cardiff so is in reality a ‘shared Chapter’

Since that time, no acting Inspector General for Dyfed has been enthroned as Most Wise Sovereign.

Well all that changed on Saturday 27th April when the V Ill Bro John Everett 330, IG for Dyfed was enthroned as MWS at Carmarthen in a most impressive manner by the outgoing MWS, Ill Bro Douglas Morgan 320

Until recently there were no subscribing Dyfed members in this shared Chapter of around 60 members despite it usually meeting in the District of Dyfed at least once a year but this meeting swelled current western members to four with the admission of Ill Bro Wyn Evans 310 so still room for more!

Ill Bro Doug Morgan – enthroning Sovereign, V Ill Bro John Everett – MWS and V Ill Bro Paul Kelvin Smith – IG for S Wales & Mon District