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Supreme Council 175th Anniversary


I am pleased to be able to address you in this short note following my recent return home from a spell in Morriston hospital and intend to address you in more detail regarding the situation in our Order during the current Covid emergency.

This week was to have been a very special one in the history of Supreme Council and you may recall that in my visits to your Chapters prior to the suspension of our meetings you will have heard me talk about Supreme Council’s 175th anniversary of its formation in 1845.

The celebrations for that event were to have culminated on Wednesday this week (15th July 2020) with a special 33° meeting at the Grand East in Duke Street, St. James’s, London.  All Inspectors General who are in office and were able to attend would have been there.  Invitations were to have been sent to representatives of Foreign Masonic Powers, especially other Supreme Councils, from around the world.  The Grand Patron of our Order, HRH The Duke of Kent KG 33°, would have been present.

At that meeting M∴P∴Bro. Alan J. Englefield 33° (who has been a member of Supreme Council since 1998) was to stand down as Sovereign Grand Commander and his successor was to have been installed.  We await further news as to the membership of Supreme Council.

You will understand how desperately disappointed were the whole of Supreme Council and members of the 33°, that this truly historic meeting has had to be abandoned and on behalf of all the members of our Dyfed District, I have sent Supreme Council our hearty congratulations on its attaining its 175th anniversary and our sadness that it could not have been celebrated as planned.

In the circumstances, it might be most appropriate and in true Masonic tradition, if we in the District of Dyfed were to raise a glass to drink the health of our Order and Supreme Council at 9.00 pm on Wednesday 15th and congratulate the Council on achieving their 175th anniversary.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I will be writing to you shortly with more details of our current situation but in the meantime I hope to join you I tomorrow’s toast even though my drink will unfortunately be of the non –alcoholic fruit variety!!

As always, brethren, you and your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.  And take care and stay safe.


Warmest fraternal regards


John Everett