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Sunday May 2nd2020

Coronavirus Newsletter 5


My Dear Brethren

Having now reached the fortieth day of our restricted lifestyle, I sincerely hope that you and your families are bearing up well in these strange times.

With little immediate prospect of an imminent return to normality, it is becoming clear that we as a nation are becoming more anxious and restless but it is equally clear that it is essential that we maintain our compliance to ensure the eradication of this virus.

However, as freemasons, I believe we are almost uniquely blessed with the extensive networks that our lodges and chapters provide which are capable of offering support and regular contact – most particularly for those living on their own or isolated from their families.

I am, of course, aware that these networks appear to be working well on an informal basis and I am sure we are all thinking of those that we can help by a regular phone call or email.

I have also been encouraged to learn that some Chapters in the District have been arranging regular e-meetings using Zoom technology and I would urge all Chapters to consider doing the same as it is an enjoyable, interactive and informal way of keeping in touch and perhaps organising quizzes.

With so many missed meetings this year, there will inevitably be a lot of catching up when we do resume and this particularly applies to our District that has yet to hold 70% of its enthronement ceremonies. Although the timing of any resumption is far from clear it is not too early for each Chapter to consider the options that the Grand Secretaries recent guidance offers and again, the Zoom app is a fine tool for discussing these options.

Perhaps most importantly, it is essential that we all remain positive and make the most of the unexpected benefits that social isolation offer. Despite living in a small coastal village in the Pembs National Park, we have all commented on how much quieter and peaceful it has become and the birds in particular seem to be singing louder than ever in the sunny and dry weather that we have been blessed with.

Finally brethren take care, stay safe and may God bless you and your loved ones and ensure your health and welfare.

Yours sincerely and fraternally